About this website
Microscopic assessment of blood is a powerful diagnostic tool, but characterizing cells is complex. Textbooks and case reports often show one or a few unmistakable cells. However, in practice, these textbook examples are rarely encountered, which can make it difficult to recognize some diseases. Morphological assessment therefore requires a lot of experience. Building a frame of reference of what is and what is not normal. This database contributes to this.
The background information on this website is intended for students, medical scientists and -specialists (in training) interested in the morphology of peripheral blood. The images on this website show what certain cells and pathologies may look like.
This website is freely accessible to everyone in both the Dutch and English languages. You may use all the information on this website for education within your institution, provided that you refer to this website. The images are subject to copyright.
This website is not intended for medical advice or asking medical questions. Questions about personal situations are therefore not answered. Do you have doubts about a cell or syndrome in the context of a patient? Please contact your (laboratory) specialist.
The information shown is partly derived from scientific publications and partly from the experience of the contributors. It is possible that information is incomplete or incorrect and should therefore be used primarily as a starting point for further (educational) research. None of the parties involved can be held responsible for damages resulting from misuse of the information on this website.
Should you have any comments or additions, or have seen an error? If so, we encourage you to contact us via the contact form of via infofoo@cellwiki.net
Case reports
The pathology and case descriptions on CellWiki are real, but modified to protect the privacy of those involved. The adjustments have kept all medically-related information intact.
CellWiki is a collaboration of several parties:
LabThings (owner)
This database is a project of LabThings. LabThings oversees the content, functionality and availability of the website. For information, please send a message to infofoo@cellwiki.net
LabWest/HagaZiekenhuis (contributor)
LabWest B.V. is a medical laboratory and a subsidiary of the HagaZiekenhuis and contributes case studies. LabWest is not the owner of CellWiki and is not responsible for the content, management or accuracy of the information displayed.
UMC Utrecht (contributor)
UMC Utrecht is an academic medical centre and cotributes case studies. UMCU is not responsible for the content, management or accuracy of the information displayed.
Sysmex (sponsor)
Sysmex is a company that, among other things, develops and supplies haematology analysers. Sysmex supports this website through sponsorship, but is not directly involved in the content of the website or the accuracy of the information displayed.